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Parerile participantilor


Cristina D. (Personal Banker at BCR)

I am so happy to recommend Consuella as wonderful person who holds the secret of the perfect balance between kindness, determination, patience, integrity and creativity. She is an amazing woman who reaches to people through her personality. She has a natural talent in profound analysis of problems of any nature, sustained by her extraordinary abilities in investigating human psyche.
I recommend Consuella with complete confidence as a personal developer simply because she has a great experience in guiding people to "take challenges to a higher level" and she managed to successfully apply the principles she's sharing in her personal and professional life.
Wellbeing is her way of embracing everything, her lifestyle and what she expresses beyond words.
(April 17, 2013, Cristina was Consuella's client)




Dana B. (Agribusiness consultant)
Consuella is a great business adventurer with firm background and an authentic vision in the new world of wellbeing.

More than 12 years expertise gave her an incredible potpourri of today's and tomorrow's abilities of which human resources in the very center of.

Dedicated to the right connection with people, Consuella is now a business player aiming to help people + from the very early stage i.e. children to the very grown ones, of course adults i.e. men and women + to rediscover themselves, to settle down their inner being and from here a fertile everlasting wellbeing every day of their lives. This is Utopia Ways, a training business dedicated to all stakeholders here in Romania either Romanians and foreigners.

Do you want to progress in your own life? Do you + private entrepreneur, midsize company, corporate business etc + look for new ways to entertain a great working relationship with your employees? Are you willing to build strong people out of your children ready to boost their own horizon with the smile on their face and happiness in their lives? Connect to Utopia Ways, connect to your own colorful future! (April 9, 2013)